Heart & Soul Rehabilitation
522 Broad Street
Glen Rock, NJ 07452
(201) 444-9110



"The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity."

Heart and Soul Rehabilitation is dedicated and challenged to provide rehabilitation and risk factor intervention in a fashion that motivates the patient to maximize compliance and adherence for all necessary lifestyle modifications to afford our patients every opportunity for lifelong health and wellness.

Heart and Soul Rehabilitation is a comprehensive and innovative facility emphasizing rehabilitation with emphasis on health and wellness through a wide range of services. Our team of trained specialists has the clinical expertise and the understanding of the individual - individuality of the human body and mind lends itself to a distinct, goal-oriented path to total rehabilitative independence and the pursuit to wellness.

Heart and Soul Rehabilitation, a sole proprietorship owned and operated by a physical therapist, was established in 2000. Robert Egermayer, Owner, brings 22 years of experience in treating orthopedic and cardiopulmonary injuries.

He has worked as Director of Outpatient Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy at UMDNJ University Hospital and as Director of Rehabilitation and Cardiac Diagnostics at Saint Michael's Medical Center. He is 1 of 3 Board Certified Cardiopulmonary Specialist in New Jersey.

Robert was an accomplished marathon runner in his 20's and now is an amateur triathlete. He brings the same work ethic and dedication from his training to his physical therapy practices.